Monday, January 31, 2005

Random Mutterings

Sooooooo.... (big, huge sigh) my life pretty much sucks today. My immune system is being it's typically shitty self, and allowed me to catch a cold/flu/whatever last week, completely ruining my weekend. I still feel like shit today, but I'm at work anyway, plugging along, fighting the urge to kill those who annoy me.

I'm sure most of this is my adjustment to the birth control patches I'm using in a vain attempt to curb the endo and it's relentless assault on my reproductive organs. My 3rd week patch fell off in the shower last night, two days before I was supposed to remove it. This now means that not only will my period come sooner than expected, I have to change the start date for my patches. I'm cramping, irritable, and possibly homicidal. Stay the fuck outta my way!

Speaking of hormones.....thanks to the hormones, my boobs are terribly sore and sensitive. Accompaning it is a sense of vague nausea. All of this tempts me to christen an Evil Pee Stick (patent pending), but why bother? I know I'll only see 1 line-who am I kidding here? Am I trying to make myself sob hysterically? Why do I feel the need to punish myself? Glutton for punishment, as always, I suppose.

Oh, and I dropped one of my classes. I woke up this morning with the realization that contrary to my own belief I am not Superwoman, and I cannot handle taking 17 hrs at school and working 40 in the meantime. So, I'm down to 14 now, which is what I was at last semester, and I managed to maintain a 3.5 GPA, so I'm feeling pretty positive about my decision. I really think I was putting too much pressure upon myself, and I've been paying the price through exhaustion, which I'm sure helped to compromise my immune system enough for me to become ill. For Pete's sake, I passed out Friday afternoon and slept for 18 hours! I would say I was tired, how about you?

Ok, enough already. I'm gonna go find some cheese to go with my "whine".

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Sara said...

I have not forgotten about helping with you with your blog! I am in class tonight until 9pm, so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can work on it!

:-) Hope you feel better soon!