Saturday, January 01, 2005

YOU (ode to my love bunny)

12/13/2004 - 09:38


The One.

My Love, my life.

Your humorous side amuses me to no end. Laughter fills my days.

Brown eyes. Graying hair. Are those crow's feet? All are beautiful to me.

Ten years has flown by in the blink of an eye. Let's see what happens in ten more.

With you I AM ME. No walls, no barriers, no holding back. Just ME.

And for this you love me.

You find my outer facade beautiful, despite the extra padding that wasn't there before. You love all the parts I complain about, my biggest flaws.

You tell me I'm so smart. You believe in me, even when I doubt myself. Your confidence in me gives me the strength I need to make it through my toughest times.

I love the way you hold me. I feel so safe in your arms. We can take on the world, as long as we have each other.

Together we can make our dreams come true. But here's a secret: mine already has. You are the man I always dreamed of.

My love, my life.

The One.


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