Saturday, January 08, 2005

Things You Should Know About Me

1. I'm a Scorpio.

2. I'm vain. Which may come as a surprise to those who know me IRL because I'm very, very overweight (I don't like to use the other 'o' word in relation to my weight). Sure, I loathe my body, but I love my face. I have porcelain skin, big, blue eyes, and nice, symmetrical features. My hair has a nice thickness to it, but can be frizzy at times, and I generally do not like the dull reddish-brown color, hence my friendship with Ms. Clairol.

3. My mother drives me crazy (more on that in another post).

4. I can be very self-deprecating.

5. I have a very juvenile boy's sense of humor. Which makes me think Adam Sandler movies are hilarious.

6. After completing my BA in English Lit., I want to pursue a Masters in Library and Information Studies.

7. I'm a dork who'll do just about anything for a laugh.

8. I'm a hopeless romantic.

9. I cry too much.

10. Despite the "fuck off" attitude I sometimes have, it truly bothers me if someone doesn't like me, especially if it's someone I really like or admire.

11. I wear a size 44DD bra.

12. I'm a fairly good cook, just not with the fancy stuff, more along the lines of southern comfort food as a specialty.

13. I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet.

14. I have 2 dogs (Jack Russell mixes), Lady and Harry, whom we adopted from the Humane Society, and they are completely spoiled brats.

15. I think most people are cooler/smarter/prettier than me.

16. However, I feel so fucking cool when I drive my new car.

17. Blue is my favorite color, and I really love how the color brings out my eyes (see, told you I was vain!).

18. I've never been pregnant, but desperately want to be.

19. My husband can alternately be the most wonderful and most aggravating person in the world. I adore him.

20. I'm too bossy.

21. I hate my laugh.

22. I love my gregariousness.

23. Sometimes, I'm too cynical for my own good.

24. I'm a liberal, and proud of it!

25. Despite the pain infertility has brought me, I'm so grateful for the wonderful people it has enabled me to meet. I love you all, my dear cyber-friends!


Anonymous said...

1. I'm a Virgo, but my dear son is a Scorpio.

2. There's a lot to love about your face, sure. You can be vain about that! I always hated it when they said about fat girls, "Oh, but you've got such a pretty face..." I always thought that was a horrible way to make someone feel better. But in your case, it's really true. And there's just more of you to love right now. Just don't be unhealthy!

3. Your mother drives me crazy.

4. Yeah.

5. Good to have a sense of humor, but I'm not always in the mood for Adam Sandler.

6. And you're well on your way!

7. But I like that about you!

8. It's good that you and your brother both turned out that way.

9. Well... considering your genes, I'm sure it's not all your fault. You said yourself sometimes you feel like you're turning into your mother. Just don't do it ALL the way.

10. Why wouldn't they like you? You can't please everyone; screw them.

11. Can I borrow your bra?

12. Nothing fills me up like a Southern-cooked meal! You are the QUEEN of mashed potatoes! (Isn't that a book?)

13. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

14. Yep, they're very clingy and whiny... Might as well be toddlers.

15. I don't think most people are cooler or smarter than me, but maybe prettier! I definitely think lots of girls are skinnier than me.

16. It's so refreshing how new cars can do that for you, huh?

17. I know, almost all your clothes are blue! They do bring out your eyes.

18. I know...

19. Ditto for my husband. Sometimes it's really like we're from different planets. But I love him.

20. Yeah.

21. I LOVE your laugh! It's kind of loud though. But that makes it contagious.

22. You and you alone. Just kidding! It's good that there are a lot of things you like about yourself.

23. Too much cynicism = pessimism = no hope, joy, or peace

24. Yes, we know you're proud of it. But my husband still likes Toby Keith.

25. You have done a lot for the community of infertiles! Rock on, sister!

Natalee said...

LOL!! You know, it actually took me a minute to figure out who was posting, my illustrious SIL!

You crack me up, and the way your boobs are growing, you'll need my bras before this pregnancy is over!

I adore you...