Saturday, January 01, 2005

Debunking the Infertlilty Myths

12/19/2004 - 12:35

We bought a new car last week. A Scion TC, and let me tell you she's one sweet ride. We love that car. No, it's not the boxy one, it's this one. Anyway, it's a sports car, so of course now I'm hearing crap like, "You know, now that you've bought a sports car, you'll get pg, because carseats are so hard to get in and out of a sports car." WTF? What does that have to do with anything? My response is usually to give the person a blank stare and go on about whatever it was I was doing before being offered their assvice, but really in my head, what I would love to say is, "Wow! Are you serious?! I had no idea that my car has the magical power to cure my endometriosis and increase my husband's sperm counts! Holy Shit!! You mean to tell me that I wasted 5 years of payments on my other car (a 4 door), not to mention the surgeries both J and I endured, when all we needed to do was buy a sports car to cure our infertility? Boy, do I feel stupid. In fact, why do I even bother with my RE, because you obviously know so much more about my reproductive system than he does." Ahhhhh, if only I would say that.

The infertiles of this would are constantly barraged with such assvice by those who think they are the experts because they know someone, or know someone who knew someone, etc, etc, who ttc'd for years, but then they did XYZ, and viola, preganancy was achieved! Look people, there are such things in life as coincidence. It happens. This does not mean that all the infertile person had to do was relax, or adopt, or get a new car, or dance naked by the light of the full moon upon the advent of the summer soltice. Really, I promise you, it doesn't. When you have the letters MD, RE (and it's nice to have F.A.C.O.G as well) after your name, then maybe, just maybe I'd listen to you a little more. Until then, please keep your assvice, excuse me, advice to yourself. No matter how helpful you mean for it to be, it's only hurtful. Thanks, but no thanks.

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