Thursday, November 23, 2006

Te Amo Mi Familia

For "Love Thursday":

(Top Row: Jake & I; my sisters Cassidy and Stacia with my nephew Caleb; my dad Chris; 2nd Row: my niece Leah, my brother DJ, my SIL's sister Meggie (who's like a little sis to me), my mom Naomi; 3rd Row: my nephew Caleb, my sister Trinity, my SIL Audrey, my sister Stacia, and my sister Cassidy)

Like many of you, I'll be spending this Thanksgiving with my loved ones, stuffing my face full of delicious home cooking, and feeling ever grateful that I'm able to do so. My family can be at times irritating, as all families are, but I wouldn't trade them and their unconditional love of me for anything. Let's all enjoy and appreciate this holiday season with our loved ones, and remember those who are unable to do the same.
Happy Love Thursday and Thanksgiving!!
(PS: I also love pumpkin pie with french vanilla Cool Whip, just had to throw that one in there.)


Irene said...

Happy Thanksgiving,
Happy Love Thursday,

PastorMac's Ann said...

Look at all those loved ones. Wondeful collage!

Happy Love Thursday and Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your family and the pie.

Bozoette said...

What a fun family portrait! Happy Love Thursday and have a slice of pie for me.

cnedaria said...

Beautiful family. Hope you have a wonderful time with them. Enjoy the pie and Happy Love Thursday!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Happy Love Thursday and Thanksgiving!! That's a very cool collage!

Ollie said...

Ok, remember how I said you look like the spitting image of my cousin Robyn? Well, I just realized that your brother is the spitting image of my other cousin, Robyn's brother. Weeeeird.