Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Tunes: Week of 11/5/06

For this week's picks, I'm going waaayyyy indie. I'm talking one these artists has no label indie. Sometimes, these are the greatest finds, ever. Enjoy!!

Lemon Demon - Dinosaurchestra (song pick: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, a cool, kitschy song about superheroes fighting each other to the death - funny stuff with a good tune)

Y-O-U - Self titled (song pick: Moviekiss, a great romantically haunting song) This is a fantastic band out of Atlanta, who are just starting to gain some national exposure. I've heard 2 of their songs, including "Moviekiss" at the movie theatre during the slide show they play before the previews. I really hope this band makes it big, they're wonderful.

Anyway, just two picks this week, but I really hope you check them out. If you do, come back here and let me know what you thought! Thanks!

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