Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey Internets!! Can You Help???

I'm the kind of gal who tries to help out where and when I can, and I've recently come across two situations that I hope you can help me with.

Both involve women with young children who have left their abusive partners. Both women are desperate for any help they can receive, and one of them is pregnant with her third child. I'm gathering what I can to send to both of these women, but I hoped that perhaps some of you out there would have some items you could send as well.

If you've never been in an abusive situation, you have no idea what a nightmare it is. My birth father (I call him that because I consider my stepfather to be my "Dad") was physically and emotionally abusive to my mother for the duration of their 12 years together. That is not something a young girl should have to grow up with, and I am determined to help out any woman who is brave enough to leave that situation for the betterment of herself and her children. In the spirit of sisterhood, we should all stand together and help those women who need it the most.

(Just so you know the family dynamics, one of the ladies has a 1 yr old daugter and a 3 y.o. son in TX; the other is pregnant and has a 2 and an 8 yr. old boy in KS.)

The following items are needed or would be of great assistance:

*Size L-XL (14-18) Maternity Clothes
*Size 6-8 women's clothing
*Clothing for boys ages: 2, 3, & 8
*Size 18-24 months baby girls' clothing
*Clothing and various other items (non-gender specific) for a newborn baby
*Giftcards to stores like W*al-M*art, T*arget, etc. to help with groceries, toiletries, and possibly for Christmas as well.

If you are interested, and are able to help, please email me (my addy is under my profile) and I will be more than happy to provide you with the appropriate mailing addresses. Thank you so, so, so much!!

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