Thursday, October 19, 2006

That's What Friends Are For

For "Love Thursday":

Nat & Aimee May 2006

Aimee is my best friend. That's not an easy thing for an adult woman to have. As a child, I remember saying that all of my friends were my best friends. Remember how you could go up to someone on the playground and ask, "Hey, do you want to be my best friend?", and then BAM! instant friends!

Now, friends require work. You're not as trusting as you used to be, and are more guarded with your affections. You've learned the hard lessons about betrayal and feeling used, not to mention the high drama that can accompany friendships amongst girls.

With Aimee, there is none of that. Despite the almost 3 year age difference, she and I almost instantly clicked, finding kindred spirits based on a lifetime of similar experiences. There are also very obvious differences between our personalities; for instance I'm definitely the more outgoing of our duo, and Aimee is more pragmatic. However, our differences only serve to compliment, and not conflict with each other. It's as if we've known each other our entire lives, rather than 3 1/2 years. We can be completely serious, or seriously goofy anytime, and not worry about what the other person will think of you. We're so bonded, that we attend each other's family functions, and hang out whenever possible. She's also one of the only friends I've had that my husband considers one of his as well, which really means alot to me.

Aimee is 5 months pregnant, and I was with her when she saw those two lines appear, and I'll be there when her son takes his first breath and beyond. Our friendship is one of those that you know, with all of your heart, that will last for a lifetime.

I love you, Aimee.

PS: Stop by her blog and give her a shout out, would you?!

Keep smilin' keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me
For sure
That's what friend's are for

For good times
And bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friend's are for


Karen Rani said...

How very sweet! Happy Love Thursday!

Aimee said...

I love you Nat!!! I couldnt ask for a better BFF!!!!

Mama Duck said...

So sweet!!!

1girl2boys said...

That was absolutely beautiful. You two are lucky to have each other.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Aww...I wrote about my best bud last Thurday..

I really think the idea of soul mates proves itself when we meet our best friend.

cnedaria said...

Beautiful tribute. May your friendship continue forever--you're very lucky to have found each other. Happy Love Thursday!

erunginung said...

I absolutely love that song. What a sweet tribute to your friend.

PastorMac's Ann said...

How wonderful that you have each other! That kind of love is special!

celestial opus said...

You are completely correct about having a "best" friend as an adult woman! It is hard, and so uplifting to find that you have that with yours.

jenn said...

What a sweet post !