Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brothers and Sisters

(For "Love Thursday")

This handsome devil with the big smile is my little brother, D.J. He's 3 years younger than I, and the only brother I have. Being a typical little brother, he hasn't always been the easiest person to get along with, especially when he was aggravating me, just to make himself laugh (which he still does!). However, he and I always knew we could count on each other, no matter what, when the chips were down and the times were tough.

D.J. and I didn't have the easiest childhood, and we heard and saw many things that children should not. Many times throughout his life, I was not only his sister, but his surrogate mother as well. This dual role only served to solidify our bond.

My brother is a wonderful husband and loving father to his two beautiful children, my nephew Caleb, and my niece Leah. Those kids are his whole world, and they are both "Daddy's Babies".

Watching my brother grow up and seeing what a wonderful man he's become makes me so proud of him. I know things aren't always easy-he works long hours to provide for his family while is wife is in school full time-but he somehow always manages to come out of it with a smile. Family is so important to D.J., and he makes sure he's there not only for me, but for our parents, and now for our new sisters as well. He's a fantastic role-model, and is definitely the kind of man his son can look up for inspiration and guidance. I don't get a chance to see him as often as I'd like, but we try to make the times we are together that much more meaningful.

Friday is D.J.'s 26th birthday, and for "Love Thursday", I just wanted the world to know just how much I love my brother. Happy Birthday, baby brother!! I hope we have a lifetime more to celebrate together!

Love, Sis

"brothers and sisters, unite

it's the time of your life

it's the time of your life

break down, break down

gotta spread love around

gotta spread it all round"

"Brothers and Sisters" by Coldplay


O_Scientist said...

Awww, happy birthday DJ!

He is blessed with a loving big sister like you are.


1girl2boys said...

That's sweet. Mine is about my little brother as well.

cnedaria said...

What a great tribute! You're lucky to have each other. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Love Thursday!

Betty said...

That's a nice tribute to your little brother. It's rare to see the bond btw brothers and sisters. I have 2 brothers and two sisters, and we are like the bestest of friends. As for my two brothers, I hardly see them b/c they are just too busy.

Happy b-day little bro!

Laura said...

Happy birthday DJ! You are so lucky to have such an amazing sister!!!