Monday, October 30, 2006

New Tunes: Week of 10/29/06

I must admit, even though this is only the second week I've done this feature, I'm really enjoying the challenge of finding new music to share. Hubby really enjoys this little challenge as well. In fact, he's crazy about pick number one and has it as his "MySpace song". I hope you all equally enjoy my choices!

1. "Young Folks" - by Peter Bjorn and John (feat. Victoria Bergsman) (CD Single Import - but you can also find the cool video on YouTube. Be forewarned: this tune will get into your head and WILL NOT want to leave!)

2. "Such Great Heights" - by Iron & Wine (CD Single Import - but is also featured on the "Garden State" soundtrack [a FANTASTIC album in its own right] and on the M&M's commercial; this song was originally sung by The Postal Service.)

3. "Happenstance" - by Rachael Yamagata (selected track: 1963, though the entire album is fantastic!)

Purchase, download, enjoy!! Let me know if you like these selections as much as I do!

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Anonymous said...

Um--yay! YOu're adopting! Just had to come over and say yay. YAY!!!

Best of luck to you, and YAY!

Karen/Naked ovary