Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Miscellaneous

*Thursday morning, I threw my neck out by, get this, brushing my teeth. I kid you not. Only I am capable of achieving this level of pathetic-ness. I still had to come into work and open the office, but only because it was too late to call my backup (Aimee). I literally could not move my neck, and was sitting as stiffly as possible. Luckily, my Chiropractor of 15 years was able to get me going again. I *heart* my Chiropractor-so much so, his daughter was one of my flower girls at my wedding.

*Friday night and most of Saturday were spent in bed, snuggling and watching t.v. with Jake, who called in sick to his night job (he really *was* sick, kind of). It was wonderful! There's nothing quite like lying around, under your comfy feather duvet, watching crap t.v. I'm trying to enjoy our alone time, because once we have our child, those times are ovah. At least, for 18 years or so.

*Saturday afternoon (when we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed) we went to see School for Scoundrels, the new Billy Bob Thornton/Jon Heder movie. I wanted to see this because I love Billy Bob. Sure, he plays the same cynical asshole in all his movies, but I *love* that cynical asshole. I can even overlook his weird phobia against antiques, and that whole wearing-of-the-blood-in-the-necklace-thing when he was married to Angelina. The movie itself was ok, I'd give it a "B"-definitely worth the matinee price, but I wouldn't pay full price. Funny, but not hilarious.

*Great new download for the iPod: "Sexy Love" by Ne-Yo

*Great read: Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA by Ellen Meister. Hilarious, touching, quick read. Check it out today!

*Today's high in Oklahoma City: 91 . Now tell me there isn't global warming!!

Later, Taters!!


wzgirl said...

I love taking sick days when you just feel too good to work. Good call, Jake.

Tiff said...

I hope your neck is feeling better, besides that, it sounds like it was a lovely weekend!

Ellen said...

Glad you liked the book, Natalee! Thanks so much for recommending it. (Really nothing more valuable to us authors than word of mouth.)