Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drug of Choice

(An ode to my love, Caffeine)

Ahhhhh....Caffeine. Sweet nectar of the Gods. Your wonderful stimulant high starts my day off each morning with the warm rush of vitality and coherence. Without you, I am a zombie, struggling to stay awake at my desk - an embarrassing idea, considering my propensity for snoring and drooling in my sleep.

Where would I be without my Venti Iced Non-Fat Vanilla Latte? Without my delectably smooth Godiva milk-chocolate? My hot cocoa with marshmallows? Climbing the walls and biting people's head's off, that's where.

I know it's wrong to love you this much, you're so bad for me. Like a Harley-riding , leather wearing, young-Elvis looking, man-child rebel, I can't resist your lure. I've tried to distance myself from you in the past, but your siren's call is too strong for me. While I do my best to avoid you in the evening time, I anxiously count down the hours until I can once again embrace you in my hands, and welcome your flavor upon my lips. How could I ever have survived mid-terms and finals without your pep?

Let's face it, baby, you and I are together forever. It's chemical.

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