Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We Interrupt The Regularly Scheduled Post To Bring You This Important Announcement:

Hey everyone!

I received this email from, and signed the petition. If you agree with me that the Administration has gone too far, please feel free to follow the link below and add your voice to mine and countless others. I'm normally not a petition-y kind of person, but this one is definitely worthwhile. Let's hope it makes a difference!

PS: If you live in Oklahoma, be sure to support Gov. Brad Henry in his bid for re-election. Gov. Henry is a great man, who has not only fulfilled his campaign promises, but has made our State a better place to live during his term. Don't let assholes like Earnest Istook win and take our State back to the Dark Ages.

Also, don't forget that there are very important mid-term elections this year! Let's make a difference in November! Get out the vote and let your voice be heard! Politics in action, baby! Yeah!

Subject: The President Broke the Law


President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of allegedly illegal wiretaps, and he doesn't plan to stop. Circumventing the Constitution is serious business.

This is a big moment. People from across the political spectrum are standing together to protect the rule of law and the principles that are core to our identity as Americans.

Can you sign this petition to show Congress that Americans want a thorough investigation of the president's secret wiretapping program?


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Kellie said...

I did my part :)