Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Hate Angelina Jolie

Not because I'm on Team Aniston or some other such bullshit. Nope, I hate her for this reason. It's not bad enough that: a) She's a fabulously wealthy, Oscar winning, beautiful actress, b) she has been lucky enough to adopt not one but two gorgeous children, as well as, c) she gets to see Brad Pitt naked whenever she wants. Now, she has to put icing on that cake and go and get herself knocked up! Damn it! I truly wish she and Brad and their little family all the best, but I shall seethe with jealousy while parlaying my good wishes through gritted teeth.

On another celebrity baby-watch note: the word is Courtney Cox and David Arquette are once again undergoing IVF in order to provide baby Coco with a sibling. I say good for them! It's nice when celebrities come out with their fertility struggles. While I understand the need for privacy, especially with something so personal as infertility, we've all seen how celebrities can bring the spotlight to many medical issues. By "coming out" about their inferitlity, so to speak, stars like Cox and Brooke Sheilds (but not YOU Julia Roberts, you still insist that twins run in your family...yeah right), help to ease the stigma of infertility and help the public understand the struggle couples undergo in pursuit of building a family.


erinberry said...

I know - I have positive feelings for both Cox and Shields because I feel like they're a part of this infertility "sisterhood".

Anonymous said...

i hate angelina jolie and i think she is ugly ewwwwwwww. i am no jelouse i think that halle barry is beautiful same thing with megan fox but angelina looks like a transvistite i have always thought that way even before the whole jen thing and i don't even find brad attractive ethier not beacuse i hate him and his skankalina but because he is to girly.

Anonymous said...

ugh!! i totally agree she looks like an anorexic freak!i dont know what people see in her, shes a total phony i really feel sorry for her kids not knowing that their just stunt acts for the public i mean reallycant people see through her "charities"?are you all that stupid?and her movies suck! and all the wives should watch out for aj she might steal your husband!