Monday, January 09, 2006

Big Brother IS Watching You

This incensed me beyond all belief! The government has some fucking nerve opening private correspondence under the guise of "Homeland Security". And don't come at me with that pseudo-patriotic bullshit about how we all have to make sacrifices to keep our country safer. I'm willing to wait in a 2 hour long security line at the airport, just to be screened by totally inept and completely underpaid screeners who think that I can hijack a fucking 757 with my nail clippers, I don't mind that at all. Or being screened at any public venue-that's cool with me. But, when you start opening and reading people's mail just on the really off-hand chance that Al-Qaida is sending love letters to sleeper cells, then buddy, you've gone too far. I'm already supremely pissed that what I've suspected all along about the government spying on us without cause has now been proven true, but this is just icing on my cake. Maybe those guys who believe in the "black helicopters" were right all along?

I don't know if I can take another 3 years of this shit!!!! Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! (Excuse me while my head explodes in rage....)


Kellie said...

Oh man, Natalee. Things are going from bad to badder. It's amazing that some man who has corresponded with another guy for 50 years gets his mail screened.

From the Philippines? How many al Qaida cells are in the Philippines???

3 more years :(

Shell said...

Hey Nat! I still cannot believe that we have to deal with this another 3 years either! He screwed things up so badly his first term and he was still reelected. What is wrong with people?!

Have you been to the ACLU website? They have a lot of good information on all this.
I haven't spoken with you about politics before, glad to see someone out there expressing the same feelings I have about our country's current situation.