Friday, January 27, 2006

Need I Say More?

Read this article and then have the nerve to ask me again why I don't believe in God.

Bitches like this are allowed to breed kids left and right, yet I'm not even able to conceive one child!? Tell me, where's God in that?

If there is a God, then he's an asshole for allowing shit like this to happen. I used to think things happened for a reason, now I see just that "shit happens". There is no reason, or why, or mystic/religious how behind it. It just is, and it sucks.

*Rant Over*

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Kellie said...

I totally agree Nat. It also amazes me that she had any of her children in custody. They had taken her six oldest away. You would think in cases like that that they would be watching her like a hawk

BTW, I am all for involuntary sterilization for asshats like this.