Thursday, March 15, 2007


You never forget your firsts:

Your first kiss

Your first time (especially if you're a girl)

Your first boyfriend/girlfriend

Your first car

Your first heart break

Your first.....


That's right. "The Man" got me today. 13 years of ticket and accident-free driving GONE. At least the cop was nice enough to drop it down to only 10 mph over, so that it doesn't go on my record and penalize me with insurance and points on my license. Now, I have to come up with $161 at the same time I have to pay $214 on my state taxes. Guess I better get to selling my e*Bay stuff!


All good things must come to an end, right?

When was your first ticket? Or, do you still have a clean record?


wzgirl said...

Damn! That is an expensive ticket. Glad I got mine about 20 years ago when it was waaaay cheaper. Still sucks.

Jan B said...

I can't comment because if I say that I have never had a ticket I will get one for sure. And I don't want to get one. How was that for a sneaky way to get around saying it?

Kellie said...

I got my ticket when I was in college... I think I got it in 1984. Ugh, that is SOOOO long ago!

sorry about your ticket, Natalee.