Friday, March 02, 2007

Dear Anonymous Asshole from New Zealand:

You know, it's always sooooo fucking pleasant to receive a comment on a post where you're thanking your readers and friends for their love and support during a down time telling you (anonymously, of course) that:

"Anonymous said...
Carrying all that extra weight won't be helping any pregnancy chances you might have. In many women carry excess fat cells hormones are skewed to the extent the body just can't support the implantation of a fertilised egg.It's natures way of favoring fit and healthy parents.
4:35 AM
Anonymous said...
"carrying" (not carry). Sorry.
4:36 AM "

Hey, thanks for correcting your grammar!! Too bad you forgot to remember your manners while doing so!

By the way, dickhead, you've obviously never read this blog before, because if you had, you'd know that besides the obvious fact that yes, I am overweight, I also have endometriosis, and my husband has severe male factor issues with his sperm that make it 99.99% impossible for me to become pregnant-even if I was as thin as Nicole Richie. So, please, keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself. I will, however acknowledge that what you said is correct about hormones and fat cells-however, that hasn't kept any fat people I know from getting pregnant. Nor will being overweight affect my adoption plans (except in China, where I wasn't planning on adopting from anyway). If you're so confident in yourself, why post anon? You can dish it, but can't take it? Thanks for really making my day special!!
I think the late, great Johnny Cash can express my feelings far better than I can:


Ollie said...

Wow. Gotta love the "helpful" assvice.

Paradise19 said...

Yeah, don't worry Nat, they've obviously never read your blog before. Psshh. Who knows what kind of issues "Anonymous" is having or what "Anonymous" looks like. They obviously don't have the character and personality that you have, for allowing others to share in your ups and downs. "Anonymous" is just a no-life drive-by commenter. Pathetic.

erinberry said...

What a dick!

Andrea said...

GEEZ! Assvice indeed! Thanks for the help. Next time, be a dear and leave your name, m'kay?

Whatever- don't let him/her get you down!

Esther said...

Well, I for one will certainly be a return visitor to this blog after this flavorful entry! WOW! I love it! And I'm a Johnny Cash fan, and loved his movie that Joaquin Phoenix did last year. Great flick.

OK, back to your post. Well said. I just dealt with an anonymous poster on my blog this week as well. Very clever they post anonymously and run. Is that like "dine & dash"? They don't know their head from their butt. You could come on over to my blog to see what I posted for this sort of person. I'm sorry, it's just too long to repeat & I don't want to hijack your blog.

By the way, my blog is an adoption blog. We are approved to adopt two children domestically. First though of course, we had two failed Russian adoptions. That felt like death. We traveled all the way to Russia, and even finalized our court paperwork for our daughter in Russia to find out she could not leave the country, as our adoption agency is a bunch of criminals running a baby trafficking scam. Adoption number two never took off the ground for the same reason, but at least we were spared a trip to Russia. We're never going back to Russia. After the $35K we spent, can't afford it.

Best wishes & nice blog. Well done, Esther

Jan B said...

What an idiot. Glad that you trashed him or her. Idiot.

I got one on my blog who compared my autistic child playing the piano to a monkey with half a brain.

Where's my shotgun? At least we have comment moderation, but frankly I have considered just turning off comments because there are a LOT of mean folks out there. But the nice ones make it worth the time to wade through the penis enhancement "comment" ads, etc.

The internet is a smarmy place, isn't it?

Tiff said...

I am so sorry you have (had?) to deal with that crap. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Actually I found the Blog Creator to be just as much of an asshole in this particular instance.

Posting someones IP address is petty and childish. People don't use anon modes in blogs so that you can use web tools to broadcast their IP information.

Dont expect everyone to read all of your blogs information before posting, I dont watch all of a users videos on Youtube before commenting about one, I'm sure millions of people are the same.

Also drop the nationalist crap please

NatD said...


Calling someone a Hobbit is "nationalist" now? I don't recall saying anything pro-American or anti-NZ. Oh, for fuck's sake, get over yourself. This person pissed me off, and I could give a shit if you thought I was childish. People shouldn't offer advice without knowing the facts, and you should take the same advice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something here, but i thought it was someone trying to make a genuinely helpful comment. I council couples on infertility and think this is a critical point to make for future family planning. Obviously if this is done face-to-face, there is much greater potential to phrase this in a considerate fashion but I frequently get angry people telling me that it shouldn't matter if they're 30 kilos overweight. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does. I wish you the best of luck though, my wife recently gave birth to our first child and I've never been happier!

And what the hell is an assvice?

Anonymous said...
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