Monday, December 04, 2006

Do Overs?

My friend Aitch asks: "If you could go back [10 years], what would you tell yourself?" Great question. Here's what I said:

I’d definitely go back in time and tell myself:

1) Stop being so effing dramatic-it’s stupid and tiresome.

2) Get your finances in order!! Avoid huge amounts of debt later in life this way!


4) Stop spending money on birth control, you don’t need it, you’re both infertile!! Take that money and pay off bills!!

5) Don’t depend on your mother for *anything*. She will consistantly let you down. Also, don’t let her steal your wedding photos, and take ALOT longer in planning your wedding, so it can be the one you’ve dreamed of, not the shitfest it was.

6) Your boyfriend (now hubby) loves you. More than life itself. Get some self-esteem and stop doubting it. He will spend the rest of his life with you, and you’ll never regret it.

7) Keep a clean house!! You’re a pig!!

8) Learn to let shit slide. Really, every little thing doesn’t have to get blown out of proportion and turn into a screaming match.

9) For God’s sake, you’re thin now!!! Stop eating junk, you’ll get really, really, REALLY fat if you don’t start working out now!!

10) Your boyfriend’s parents (my in-laws) like you, they just wish you’d stop being so dramatic. They’ll really love you later, and you’ll love them back.

Wow, guess there’s a lot I would change. But, that’s maturity for you!


wzgirl said...

It is so easy to say "Stop being so dramatic" -- to an emotional being. Easy to stop? Not so much. You are who you are, Ms. Nat - and you are a wonderful woman! XO

Wicked Witch said...

I like this post. Very interesting idea.

a&mg said...

Wow, lots of things there I'd probably tell my 22 year-old self, too!