Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sweet Dreams

I'm sure many of us have had "the dream". You know, the one where either you're pregnant, or have a baby/child? And when you realize you're dreaming, you never want to wake up, because then you have to face the cold reality of your infertility. Sometimes, upon waking, we cry-our arms and hearts aching with emptiness and loss. These dreams are both wonderful and cruel at the same time, because it gives us a glimpse at the life we so desperately want. We look forward to, yet dread, these inevitable dreams, and all pray that they may someday come true.

Last night I had my first IVF dream. I dreamt that I was going in to transfer 2 embryos, but I had the feeling of dread that they wouldn't implant, but that another woman who was having a transfer that day (that was in the waiting room with me), would be successful. Then, a little voice in my head told me that I would think it didn't work, but that I would have a positive beta. Weird, especially since I'm not even anywhere close to undergoing treatment.

Eh, I'm just gonna blame this on my cold medicine.....

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Sara said...

Weird! I had a baby dream last night, too. I dreamed I was 18 weeks pregnant and had still been managing to have periods and then all of a sudden my clothes were not fitting. The doc gave me the good news.

Then I woke up. Grrr.