Monday, February 19, 2007

If You Blog About It, It Will Come

Yeah, so um, never mind about that last post.

Apparently, my asshole uterus got wind that my Hope Meter was on high, and decided to lay a smack down-and at a birthing class (with Aimee, I'm her labor "companion"), no less.

Added to this unwelcome "surprise": seeing how loving all the couples were to each other in the birthing class-knowing Jake and I will never get to share that experience- and then at the end of class, having the instructor inquiring as to when I'm due. Yeah, great.

Thank G-d that was our last class.

Think I'll have a stiff drink and a nice painkiller now.


wzgirl said...

Sheesh - that sounds like something out of an IF textbook, Nat. Hope that the "cocktail" helped. XO

Melissa said...

Awww bloody damn.

Ollie said...

That bloody damn came from me. Stupid blogger login.