Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little Golden Buddy

Oh how I LOVE Oscar time!!! Every year, I wait with baited breath for the nominees to be announced, then I do my own critique of said nominations, and then anxiously count down the days until show time.

The gowns, the speeches, the extremely-too-long telecast - all a sumptuous feast for my senses.

So, here's this year's list of nominees. And here is who I think should win, and who I think will win:


Should Win: "The Queen"
Will Win: "Babel"

Best Actor:

Should Win: Forest Whitaker
Will Win: Forest Whitaker, though I could be wrong and they could give Peter O'Toole the "sympathy Oscar"

Best Actress:

Should Win: Helen Mirren
Will Win: Helen Mirren

Best Supporting Actor:

Should Win: Alan Arkin
Will Win: Alan Arkin, although there could be an upset and they give it to Eddie Murphy

Best Supporting Actress:

Should Win: Jennifer Hudson
Will Win: Cate Blanchett

Best Director:

Should Win: Martin Scorsese
Will Win: Martin Scorsese (even if voters want to give it to Clint Eastwood, they'll give Marty the sympathy vote)

Do any of you like the Oscars? Will you be watching? Do you even care? Who are your picks? Share with me, people!!


wzgirl said...

LOVE watching the Oscars!! We always order pizza from our fave gourmet place & drink champagne. I LOVE the red carpet. This year, though, I'm not up on the movies. Usually I make a big effort to see all the noms - not feeling it this year.

Not into seeing Dreamgirls AT ALL.


Sara said...

I have seen Babel, but that is about all I have had time to see. It is well worth the nominations and awards, but I have nothing to compare it to!

erinberry said...

I just love Alan Arkin (Adam too).