Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Big Annoucement

Ok, deep breath, here goes:


Oh, sorry, too fast? Here it is again:


OMG, I'm so, so, so super psyched!! He and I had a nice conversation on Friday night about our plans for life, and where we wanted to be in the next couple of years when he dropped the bomb on me that YES, he was *FINALLY* ready for adoption!! I'm all teary-eyed thinking about it.

It's so crazy because he was the one who was the hold out for a biological child, but now he says he's really taken the time to think about it, and knows that biology isn't important, and he'll love an adopted child no differently than a biological one. He doesn't even care about race or if the child is an infant. I myself admit that I'd love to have an infant, only because I really want to experience raising a child from as close to birth as possible, since I won't be the one giving birth.

So, for now, we're still formulating our "adoption plan", but I'm thinking we'll either go foster/adopt (like my parents did with my sisters) or private domestic. The biggest restriction will be costs-as you all know, my broke self can't afford a super-expensive anything.

This is where you all come in. Please, if you know where I should look for research, what I should be doing, ANYTHING-please leave me a comment. I have no clue as to where to start. Mind you, we'd really like to buy a house first, because there is no way we have room for a child in our little 2 bedroom duplex that we currently reside in. So, I'm really looking at a 2 year time frame. However, just to be able to say "I'm adopting" out loud and to start to formulate those plans makes me feel so happy and excited-like I'm finally going to be a mom!!!!!

I haven't shared our news with family and friends yet (sorry if you're finding out by reading this), but we will soon. In fact, my brother, SIL and the kids are coming over for dinner tonight, and I plan to tell them then.

I feel like dancing around in circles, arms wide open, face up to the sun, laughing with joy!

I'M GOING TO BE A MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kellie said...

Awesome, super news Natalee!!! I am so happy for you and Jake.

Good luck to Hake in his job hunt and good luck in finding a great home :)

This is so exciting!

I wish I knew good places for you to look/research adoption. I do know that people seem to have good luck with Guatemalan adoptions. They seem to get matched pretty quickly and get the child when they are still babies (usually less than 1 year old).


The_Aitch said...

yes, the amount of ass this kicks is beyond words.

wavybrains said...

Saw your post on Naked Ovary. So happy for you. We are are currently researching/doing both Foster/Adopt and Domestic. I'm swimming in research--drop me an email if you need anything or stop by my blog for the latest on where we are in the process. We live in Oregon, but I know some stuff about other parts of the country too. IF cost is your big factor, (us too), foster-adopt should be your number one choice, followed by domestic (certain situations), followed by lower cost International--Colombia, Haiti, Africa, waiting children/special needs. The most expensive options (in my research)are: China, Guatamala, Korea, Vietnam, Russia and US domestic adoption of white, healthy, newborns where you pay the bulk of the mother's expenses. There are lower cost domestic options.

Sherry P said...

my daughter and son-in-law went thru an agency called"adoptions from the heart" she researced tons of agencies before deciding on them and they were terrific. they've spoken with other parents that used other agencies and my daughter says she was glad they went with the agency that they did. give it a look, might be for you, might not, but it's a place to start. they adopt in this country and all over the world as well. congrats on your impending parenthood.
i can tell you this, my grandaughter is my grandaughter, she is all ours and we are so blessed by her. i feel no different than if my daughter had given birth to her. if fact, she is even more precious i think, because it was a much harder wait than just 9 months.

Nicole (the great) said...

I am psyched that you are psyched. Good luck!

Julie said...


(Caps intentional.)