Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun Time With Celebrities!

This is the funniest shit I have seen in ages! Man, I wish that Britney interview had gone down like that!

No Screech, I will not "Save Your House". Look man, it's called financial responsibility. I can't help it if you spent all of your "Saved By The Bell" money on hookers and blow-I don't see Mark Paul Gosselar or Mario Lopez hittin' me up for dough. Why don't you take the money you're spending on promoting your cause online and use it towards your mortgage? Makes sense to me!

Hilary Duff Is Chaste: Look girlie, if you're really "saving yourself", more power to ya. However, last time I checked anal and oral are also defined as "sex". Oh, and handjobs count, too, so does "dry humping" with your panties on. I knew chicks in high school who got pregnant that way! PS: Eat something, will ya?!

Hey Pete, do us all a favor and OD already, would you? You're obviously not interested in rehab, and we're not amused by your antics anymore.

Dear Lindsay Lohan:

Unless you are in a movie that requires it as some sort of lame plot point, or are auditioning for a part in a revival of "West Side Story", dance-off's are for losers. Really, what do you think you're trying to prove? Oh, look at me! I can shake my ass better than you! Ohhhh...I'm so scared of you now! You're so hard! Just FYI...



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The_Aitch said...

Right on sistah!