Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted....

....vacation have to get away!!!!! (Don't you just love the Go-Go's?!)

As of tomorrow night, Jake and I are embarking on a 10 day road trip out west to see such sights as:

*The Grand Canyon!*

*Las Vegas!*

*Santa Barbara!*


*San Francisco!*

Exciting, no?

This is will be our first "real" vacation (visiting relatives so does not count) in the 8 years since our honeymoon trip to Disney World. Needless to say, we desperately need this downtime together. However, since we don't own a laptop, I will be unplugged from the world wide web for the duration of our trip, and cannot update you with tidbits from the road. However, I promise to post stories and pictures upon my return. In the meantime, if any of you is harboring "Aunt Flo" at your house, could you send her my way? She's 4 days late for her arrival, and according to Mr. Evil Pee Stick (whom I christened yesterday), there is no reason within my uterus (like, say, an embryo-ha, ha, ha...oh how funny!) for the delay. My fear is that she'll show up on the road, and with her will be her evil sister: Excruciating Cramps, and I'll have to seriously sedate myself in order to tolerate the pain. Oh Endo, what a bane to my existence you are! Just wait, I'll lap' you off this year-so there!

Anyway, so any good thoughts you could send our way for a safe trip, and minimal pain for me would be appreciated. See you on the flipside!


seattlegal said...

Have a fun and safe trip with a minimal to no amount of pain!

Finding My New Normal said...

Aunt Flo was two days late to my house this week and I will GLADLY send her your way. Just get some extra strength Midol. Works for me every time. Have fun!

Kellie said...

Hope you guys have a GREAT time!