Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bigger Than A BJ

As some of you may now know, the AP has released a video showing that the President knew damn well the scope of devastation that would occur in the wake of Katrina a full 24 hours before the hurricane hit. What astonishes me is not that this incompetent, bumbling fool did nothing, (because hey, if America coming under terrorist attack didn't provoke him into action, then why would a natural disaster?) but that everyone isn't screaming for his head, the way they did Clinton's. All Clinton did was get a blow job from an intern-he didn't allow his extremely poor judgment contribute to the deaths and devastation of thousands of innocent lives.

How much longer are we going to allow this man, and his Administration drag America down into an abyss of shame, inaptitude, and fear? When will someone stand up and hold him accountable for his actions? Why is receiving sexual gratification (albeit inappropriately) from an intern worse than this? If Clinton had acted in the same egotistical, reckless manner that Bush has displayed, then I would've been one of the first to call for his head on a platter (and this is coming from someone who loves me some Bill).

I encourage each of you out there to contact your Senators and Members of Congress and tell them that America won't stand for this any more! Tell them to make Bush accountable for his (in)actions, the way they held Clinton accountable for his. By not speaking out, and standing by idly, we are giving Bush permission to continue down this destructive path for the remainder of his term. America, let's grow some BALLS and do the right thing!

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Kellie said...

I wish some bimbo would say that she gave GWB a BJ... let's see where that would take him, eh?

But seriously, I agree. What's been happening in this administration is much worse than any BJ that Clinton got. But obviously, it's much more important to know where our president's dick is than where his brain and foreign policies are @@